Earn Cash Rewards Points

Earn SWiM Cash Rewards points every time you make or receive payments via SWiM Pay.

Each SWiM Reward point carries a value of US $1.00 and has No Expiration Date.

SWiM REWARDS provides you FREEDOM to use or redeem your Cash Rewards Points earned as you see fit.


Exchange Your Points

Your SWiM Rewards marketplace allows you to exchange your points with other points programs from hundreds our global partners.

Spend or Redeem Points

Redeem your points for Cash Back into your bank account in your choice of more than 50 currencies, or purchase one of our over 4,500 gift cards, to spend where you like.

Alternatively exchange your points through our Rewards Marketplace for goods or services with airlines, hotels, stores and luxury goods.


Check Your Account

Log on to your SWiM Rewards member dashboard. Check your points balance. Maintain or change your account details.

Request cash out or select any of the Exchange or Redemtion options.

Multiple Redemption Options

Cash Back



Members can convert their Cash Rewards Points into one of 50+ Currencies or convert to different loyalty currencies and redeem at any time.

Payment Matching



Members can have linked cards in the payment network, and automatically earn points. No need for a plastic card, a loyalty app, QR codes, phone numbers, etc.

Points Marketplace



One stop platform to connect with brands, merchants, retailers, SMBs, and issue loyalty currencies that your customers really want.

Loyalty Currency Exchange



We partner with other loyalty brands in various geographies and sectors and allow you members to exchange INTO and OUT of those Partners' loyalty currencies.


'Pay with Points'




We accept other loyalty currencies at the same time as a payment method to allow you the freedom to use your points to purchase other goods and services through our SWiM Rewards marketplace


Exchange into Gift Cards



Access more than 4,500 digital gift cards in 60 different fiat currencies. Convert your points into the gift card of your choice, allowing you to spend your points as you wish.


SWiM Rewards Features

  • Global Rewards Account

    Open and manage your reward account in multiple currencies.

  • Fast Online Payouts

    Accept multi-modal payments from SWiM Rewards and move money globally.

  • Competitive FX Exchange

    Swap points in the SWiM Rewards marketplace for the real exchange rate.

  • Gift Cards

    Redeem points for gift cards in domestic and international currencies.

  • Hold & Spend Points

    Hold points and spend them anywhere on the SWiM Rewards marketplace.

  • Security

    SWiM Rewards uses the latest Reg/Tech security, to keep your points secure.


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